Authentic Snowshoes

These beautiful handmade Snowshoes are sure to last a lifetime. They are made of the traditional Gut or Rawhide lacing stretched over a tough solid wood frame. Each pair has been dipped in varnish twice to give them lasting durability and extra water proofing. Our leather snowshoe harnesses also are fully adjustable to fit all sizes, they are purchased separately. These Snowshoes are generally purchased by the persons weight, thus the heavier the individual the larger the Snowshoe will be.

The three styles offered are :

Bear Paw #913

Otter Paw #909

Beaver Tail #903

Alaskan Type

A very effective snowshoe for use in dense woods, or for turning very quickly and often. Recommended for trappers.

An emergency snowshoe used on outings or snowmobile breakdowns, a basic all purpose snowshoe.

Primarily used for trail walking or in open woodland, recommended for all family recreation.

(not shown, similar in shape as Beaver Tail but not as wide) Works great in open ground and icy snow. It slides on hard surfaces, and the front is turned up.

As prices will vary by the persons weight, we would need to know this before quoting a price on a particular model of Snowshoe, the heavier the individual the larger the Snowshoe.

To care for these Snowshoes, all that is recommended is to let them dry naturally after each use, and Varnish every 2 years to water-proof and improve their wear.

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For more information or prices please contact us, as the availability of some items will vary with our costs of the raw material. Also, custom designs and sizing will also effect our pricing. In most cases we may have a photo to email or mail to you of your request or something close to it.

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